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Facilities Management IT Support

For Facilities Management staff, we are the primary contact for any technology based need. For support, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.


Areas of Support

AssetWORKS FacilityFocus and AiM (formally MAXIMUS)

FacilityFocus is the computerized maintenance management software system utilized on campus to track data related to our business function. Facilities Management processes over 45,000 work orders per year, maintains 2 stores locations, maintains building and asset files, processes work order procurement information and tracks projects with FacilityFocus. Billing reports are generated from FacilityFocus for billing our customers. Through remote web access to FacilityFocus, our customers can enter customer requests, which are then converted to work requests.

C.A.R.S. (Customer Automobile Request System)

The Customer Automobile Request System (C.A.R.S.) is a web-based, on-line vehicle request system that also takes care of scheduling, billing, and reporting on the vehicles' use. Proof-of-Concept code was started in August of 2001, and after being placed on hold for awhile, coding was re-started, and a pilot of T/TAC and Admissions was started in August of 2002. Campus Go-Live was December of 2002. Customers wanting to request a vehicle from JMU FM's Transportation Office must have a valid JMU email address (also known as an eID). Authorization is provided by the JMU LDAP server and is not controlled by C.A.R.S.

Computer and Printer Support

The Facilities Management department has over 450 users and 175 computers that are supported by FMIT. In addition to hardware repairs and upgrades, we also install and support many specialized software packages utilized by our various areas. The repair and maintenance of printers is also coordinated through us. In addition to hardware and software support, we are also the primary contact for Facilities Management users requiring access to shared JMU resources such as Novell, Active Directory, and Oracle Calendar.


Facilities Management is responsible for hosting and supporting a variety of JMU resources. In addition to the departmental website you are viewing now, we also host the Facilities Planning and Construction server, Thin-clients for JESS connections, the database server for EMPRD archiving, as well as the Customer Automobile Request System (C.A.R.S.). We are also responsible for the testing and evaluation of future work order systems such as AiM 3.X.

Handheld Support

Through the use of handhelds, Facilities Management can complete work requests in a paperless environment. There are presently over 90 handheld devices being supported. These handhelds can receive new work orders, updates to existing work orders as well as offer the ability to report time and when a work order has been completed. This two-way communication is accomplished by "syncing" the handheld with the AssetWORKS mobile server. Our handhelds can be synchronized by either connecting to a computer with a dock, or via the wireless VPN client available throughout campus.

Telephone Suport

As the first line for troubleshooting Facilities Management telephones, we act as a liaison to ensure the issues or changes in phones or services are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Campus Chimes/Bells (Quazi's corner)

The Chimes (or Bells) are an advanced electronic console and amplifier (sorry no real bells). Four speakers are mounted within the cupola in Wilson Hall and are connected to the amplifier. The "Singing Tower Classic" by The Verdin Company reproduces the natural sound of cast bell carillons through digital sampling that encodes the actual sounds of cast bronze bells into a solid-state memory.